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“Stick around, baby,” she said. “The ending is the best part.”


July 7, 2017


In 1948 Los Angeles, a seasoned private eye encounters a desperate woman, a mountain of cash, and a case that proves to be…HOLLYWOOD DYNAMITE!

When a seductive woman hires Barton Rhodes for a simple job, the seasoned private eye agrees. Little does he know that this simple favor will put him at odds with LA’s most powerful people.

From the film studios to the shanty towns, Hollywood can be a dangerous place. Here, getting in over your head is easy. Getting out however, may cost you everything.




Thank You!

December 30, 2012

Special thanks to the the people who generously agreed to read my first draft of BRINK and give me feedback. I really appreciate it!

Thanks to,

–Jane S. –Stan S. –Jane K. S. –Judith B. –Gary O.

“Most evil people with means were men, of course. What a pity, he thought.”

quote from BRINK

December 12, 2012

“They also took the occasional contract when they thought the money was right, and the motive righteous.”

quote from BRINK

December 10, 2012

“Now, she bathed in their grief and loved every second of it.”

quote from BRINK

December 8, 2012

“If Aldo Brink wanted him dead, he wouldn’t be ringing the doorbell like a civilized person.”

quote from BRINK

December 7, 2012


After his fiancee is imprisoned for a crime that will expose the White House, black ops agent Aldo Brink must use all his skills to free her, and keep their dream of being together alive.

For his entire adult life, Brink has given his blood in defense of the country he loves. Now, after a shocking betrayal at the highest levels of government, he must do something he never thought possible. He must wage war on his own country, because this time it is not the security of the United States that hangs in the balance, but the life of the woman he loves.

“His capabilities were beyond their comprehension.”

quote from BRINK

December 6, 2012